Facts That You Need To Know About Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers is one of the most famous and beautiful personality. She is also known as an adopted child of Eminem who is a kind of rapping. She was born on 3rd May 1993 and has an American nationality. Her custody Was taken by the Eminem and she is treated as his own daughter.

Early Life Of The Alaina Marie Mathers:

She is the daughter of Kim’s twin sister whose name was dawn, Scott. Kim was an ex-wife of the Eminem. The custody of the Alaina and Whitney Laine Scott was given to the Eminem. So in that way Alaina is the niece of famous rapper Eminem.

About Her Personal Life:

As we are going to discuss the early life of Alaina so it can say that she is dawn Scoot biological daughter. Dawn was addicted to drugs and that is the reason Kim and Eminem adopted her and they took her at home and started to take care of her just like their own child. After the divorced between both couple the custody of that child was given to the Eminem.

She is aged 14 and it might be possible that she is not dating any boy now. However, she is too good at hiding her detail about her personal life people do not know too much about her personal life. Her nature is much like Eminem the relationship of home might become a reason why Alaina act the same thing.

She is pretty good about her personal life and she has no affair till now. She chooses things very carefully and very caring about her personal life. She is not married, does not have a fiancé, spouse or children as well. Even she is not in any kind of relationship with a specific person.

Net Worth Of The Alaina :

The net worth of the Alaina has been not known to the fans of Eminem. On the other hand, the Eminem is earning a great amount of money which is also a part of her net worth because she is a child she cannot earn much money. She is not doing any kind of job or getting no salary for any work.

Birth Names:

Maybe some of the people know about Alaina but this fact is amazing that she had different birth names. Her first name was Amanda Marie Scott which was her birth name but after that Eminem changed her name to Alaina when he adopted her.

More Facts About Her:

As we discussed that she is not the real daughter of Eminem, he was adopted her with Kim his ex-wife but after divorced, he took her custody and started to take care of her. She was faced bit difficult time in childhood when the couple divorced but with the passage of time, he got normal to her routine. He is a pretty and kind-hearted person. She has beautiful hazel colored eyes and had a fit figure. Her Birth Signs is Taurus.