Five Bathroom Renovation Tips 2018

Planning and Making Lists:

The very first step for renovating your bathroom should be making a budget and a wish list. A budget list can help you determine the cost and allow you to buy the things that you can afford which can heavily affect the way your bathroom looks. A wish list is necessary for the stuff that you want to keep and change in your old bathroom. Try not to change your plans once they have started as they will probably cost you more and consume more time, so plan carefully before starting.

Floor and Wall planning:

Before renovating you should decide whether to keep the old pipe and wire system or have it gut out and install a new one. Installing a new system will cost you but save you from the trouble of pipe leaks and other troubles. Afterwards select a fitting floor and wall design that will match with the accessories in your bathroom. A typical bathroom with a shower would need waterproof flooring so that the water doesn’t leak in and do any type of damage to the tiles.

Selecting the Right Accessories for Bathroom Renovations Calgary:

The way you want your bathroom to look will highly depend on the type of accessories you’d want in your bathroom. For an older look, you can have built-ins as such as recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and even toilet roll holders. If you want your bathroom to look modern you’d want to have a bath tub and suspended mirrors. Choosing weather you want a simple shower head or a glass enclosed shower. Some general accessories such as cabinets, drawers, sink, bidet and a toilet. If there are no windows, an exhaust fan should be installed to remove the moisture and have fresh air in the bathroom. If the bathroom in not ventilated properly it can cause build-up of moulds and mildew which can destroy your expensive upgrades such as the walls, floors and even the cabinets.

Lighting Design:

Installing sufficient and luxurious bathroom lighting is never considered a bad choice. A good quantity of light can eliminate the shadows on the faces. A combination of LED lights along with the traditional can go a long way. The LED lights should be installed near or above the mirror with a dimmer switch. Overhead lighting is also very important. You can also add ambient lights such as frosted glass or rice paper lighting. Perimeter lights are very good for creating both ambient and soft glow.

Extra Pieces and Beautification:

If you have the free space to, it is best to have a self-supporting or an unconnected piece such as a chair or a cupboard according to your bathroom design. As well as decorating the bathroom a cupboard also serves a practical use for storing bath soaps, towels and other small items. Adding plants can really make a difference as it makes the room feel fresh and beautiful. You can also put up some small paintings or sketches on the wall. Using a peel and stick mirror frame on your unframed mirrors is an inexpensive way to virtually improve the overall look of your bathroom.