Top Seven Social Media Applications

Social media is a place where people can openly put forward their views, thoughts, opinions and differing ideas with other people way quicker than any other platform. It allows you to share pictures and other content with your friends. By now, it has become a priority in everybody’s life. Everyone jumps into their social media accounts in free time or some even free their time to use social media applications. There are many social media applications that may benefit us in some way or the other.

Top seven social media applications are;


I guess there is no reason required to justify as to why it is the most used social application. Every living person today have an account on Facebook. Today, the active users on Facebook counts to 2 billion. Facebook helps you stay connected with your family if you’re living far away from them or with your long lost school buddies that you may have forgotten by now.


After Facebook, the most used social media application is YouTube with 1.8 billion active users. According to a research, the number of active users might grow to 2 billion in a short period of 10 months. It allows you to watch your favorite videos, subscribe to your favorite channels, or you can even create your own channel and post videos for others to view. From songs, educational stuff, history, movies, DIYs to different kind of tutorials; it makes it all just a single click away.


Twitter has reached 336 million users in the recent times. It helps you stay updated with whatever that is happening in the world today. It is a place where people stay connected with one another in the form of tweets.


Instagram is an application where users can share photos with their followers. They can follow their favorite celebrities, and get to know more about them. It is also used for business purposes. Number of monthly active Instagram followers have reached to about 800 million. Instagram is being used by a number of brands for the online marketing of their businesses.


Ever since snapchat came into existence, people forgot their original phone cameras. This is the most widely used application in today’s world. Many of its users are teenagers. This app helps you snap every moment of your life, and rejoice it later for the rest of your life. It offers amazing filters, which attracts more and more youngsters.


This application was founded in 2010, and has reached about 175 million active users by now. It allows the users to share pictures or videos of their interest on their pin board. The purpose of this application is to connect people according to their mutual interests or likings.


LinkedIn was launched in 2003. The number of monthly active LinkedIn users have grown rapidly to 500 million. It is a more professional application. It allows employers and employees to connect to their networks. Now a days, LinkedIn has become a huge source of online interviewing and recruiting.